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For hydro-fracturing, pressure grouting, acid injection,
zone test-pumping and pressure testing.


•4" - 20" boreholes

•Easy to handle

•Easy to operate

•Fast setting

•"Free-in-the-hole" in seconds

Hand or electric pump!
Turning poor wells into good wells fast and efficiently
   A large investment in equipment, materials, time and manpower has been used to drill a borehole into a water bearing rock formation. However, very little if any of this water is getting into the borehole. The natural fractures are plugged with sediments, rock flour, bio-fouling or mineral deposits. People or livestock or crops are not getting the water they need. A valuable asset is being wasted.
A WFT-Well Frac™ system has been used to set a string of Frac-Pipe™ and a Frac-Packer™ into the bore hole. A frac-pump then has injected a large flow rate of clean water into the borehole below the packer at high pressure. In just a few minutes, fractures have been opened up and flushed out allowing the groundwater to flow to the well. The people's needs have been satisfied. A valuable asset has been saved.
The FRAC-PACKER™ is a multi-purpose down-hole tool designed for use in hydro-fracturing, pressure grouting, acid injection, zone test-pumping, and environmental applications. When activated by a 10,000 psi pump on the surface, a unique hydraulic cylinder compresses 4 rubber seals that lock on borehole walls or casing. Average "setting" time is 1 1/2 minutes! When the pressure is released, the packer is "free in the hole" in 10-15 SECONDS! The engineered "memory" in the rubber seals forces the packer back to original size. The rubber seal sets can be interchanged IN THE FIELD in a few minutes! This durable and time-proven design eliminates expensive and unreliable inflatable elements.
Grouting   Acidizing     Zone
Now you can grout casing in new wells WITHOUT troublesome tremie pipes that plug up and hang up. Just lower your tremie line with the Utility Packer™ attached INSIDE the casing and set at the bottom. Then lift the casing a few inches, pump your grout, lower the casing, remove the packer and you're done. Fast, simple and trouble-free.


Rock Wells
Isolate and acidize fractures as you go into new wells or use to rehabilitate the production in existing wells. Insures that acid goes where it can do some good.
Screened Wells
Concentrate acidizing in the well screen and filter zone outside the screen by isolating it from the upper casing and forcing the acid out into the aquifer.

Zone Pumping:

Use a single Utility Packer™ to isolate the lower portion of the well from the upper part or use two packers to "staddle" the zone that needs measuring.