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How to increase drillsite productivity - and do it with class.

 Increase drillsite productivity and you increase your profitability. The goal is as simple as that. But how do you get there?

    For many years, drilling contractors around the world have relied on Flatwater Fleet to arrive at that goal -- and do it with class. How much more productive would your drilling operations be if just one man and one truck could take all the water, fuel, drill pipe and casing you needed for a full day's drilling?

    Flatwater Fleet takes a systems approach to the operational needs of the driller. It's an approach that maximizes efficiency and productivity at the drillsite by saving time.

    Aren't you ready for a Flatwater Fleet drillsite tender?

    Flatwater Fleet's standard and optional features allow you to customize and create a totally integrated unit for maximum utility and efficiency.

    You'll never need to shut down and leave the drillsite for materials or equipment, nor will you be forced to operate at less than 100 percent efficiency because of something you couldn't carry.

    At Flatwater Fleet we are always looking for new ways to increase productivity and save time at the drillsite. We have the experience, knowledge and flexability to work with drillers around the world whether the requirement is water wells, minerals and mining, soil testing, pollution control or drilling that is shallow or deep, slim hole or large diameter, mud, air or auger.
One man can safely load or unload tools and materials by radio remote control at the yard or at the job site. Six crane modes are available from 3,200 lb. to 14,000 lb. (1,454kg to 6,360kg) lift capacity and a reach up to 27' (8100mm) and reach out of 20' (6000mm).


250 amp AC/DC welder/generator driven by either gas or diesel engine. 120/240V, 2.5 KVA, 60 Hz., 115/230V, (2.0 KVA, 50 Hz.). Space-saving welder rack for deck mount or front elevated mount is available separately. Hydraulic driven welders along with higher and lower output ranges and accessories on all welder/generators are available.
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