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WFT-Well Frac™
A system for getting more water from existing dry or low yield wells.
   It is now possible to greatly improve poor producing water wells that already exist without the time, risk and high cost of drilling new wells. A water well drilled into a rock formation may be dry or low producing because of few or no connections to surrounding water-bearing fractures. Similarly, a water well that has been drilled into a sand and gravel formation may produce very little water because of well screen or filter zone plugging, bio-fouling or encrustation. The WFT-Well Frac™ system of proven aquifer and well development equipment, tools and methods can quickly and economically correct these problems -- without drilling new wells.   Example Aquifer Illustration
WF-3K65 Profile      The integrated design of the WFT-Well Frac™ system starts with the basic core model and then can be expanded to match the customer's needs and means of transport. The basic model includes: diesel engine, clutch, frac-pump, charge-pump, sub-frame, isolation mounts, skid, fuel tank, batteries, hydraulic system, control panel, high-pressure relief w/chamber, controls and 3-way frac-water valve. Several engine/frac-pump combinations are available within the basic core model to deliver frac water at pressures up to 4200 psi (300 bar) and flow rates to 150 gpm (560 l/min). Engines provide 100 hp (75 kw) to 175 hp (130 kw). Geologic formations and budgets are the primary determining factors in selecting a frac-pump/engine combination.
   Further expansion of system capability can include: a hydraulic-powered planetary winch for lowering and raising the Frac-Packer™, Frac-Pipe™ and Jetting Device™ in the borehole, a deck or flat water tank with 800 to 2,600 gallons [3 m³ to 10 m³] and universal mounting kit for truck or trailer; storage compartments for tools and accessories; reel for packer hydraulic hose; pump service hoists; generators and compressors.  
Fits in ocean ship container
Equipment Features and Options

   All WFT-Well Frac™ systems feature air-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engines with high-torque rise characteristics. These engines provide instant load pick-up, low fuel consumption, minimal maintenance, easy starting, no cooling system leaks/freeze-ups/overheating and long life. All frac-pumps are positive displacement, tri-plex piston or plunger style with built-in gear reductions, water filters, adjustable relief valves and by-pass relief chambers for no frac water losses. Self-priming, hydraulic-driven water supercharge pumps also fill water tanks. Their stainless steel shafts and teflon bushings eliminate lubrication requirement. Well acid compatible versions are also available. Every component function is designed for ease of operation with minimal maintenance. Unique design utilizes an absolute minimum of water hoses, pipes and valves for safety and simplicity.

Operator Friendly

All controls for engine, clutch, charge pump, frac pump, winch and pump service crane are grouped in one location for the operator. Pressure and temperature guages for engine, frac pump, Frac-Packer™ and hydraulics are centrally located on a control panel. A fold-up operator's platform is used on truck-mounted units.
WFT-Well Frac With Options   WFT-Well Frac Options: Hose reel and winch   Hose Reel and Winch

Centrally located reel stores packer expansion hose. Hydraulic-driven, planetary winch lowers and raises Frac-Packer™, Frac-Pipe™, Jetting Device™ and air-lift pump over wellhead roller assembly into borehole without the need of hoisting derrick.
Pump Service Crane           Tool Storage
A 360 degree rotating, live hydraulic, remote controlled pump service crane option provides complete well service capability of existing water wells already in use. Full circle rotation and -10 to +70 degrees boom elevation give access to tight places and provides general material handling capability. WFT-Well Frac Option: Cranes WFT-Well Frac Platform: Underbody storage A conveniently located storage compartment holds Frac-Pipe™, Frac-Packer™, frac hose and water hose. A lockable door prevents tampering or theft. These small and lightweight tools and accessories are far easier to use and handle than other heavy and cumbersome methods.
Generator           Compressor
Optional air-cooled, diesel driven S.E.R. type generators provide voltage to within 1% of rating for running test pumps, light plants and power tools. 5, 10 or 15 kw 110/220 vac. single phase or 380/440 vac. three phase. 50 hz or 60 hz. Complete with control panels, submersible pump cable quick-connects and vibration dampeners. WFT-Well Frac Options: Generators WFT-Well Frac Options: Air Compressors An optional on-board compressor provides all the air and pressure needed to operate the air-lift pumping device for well clean-out and fast, approximate test pumping. Engine or hydraulic drive.

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